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    When figuring out how to get the paint off a house, you will have to consider a few things: the age of the wood, the type of paint, and the consistency of the paint. Finding the right paint stripper for the job can save you hours of work, and a lot of backbreaking labor. It’s important to use gloves, protection for your bare skin, and something to guard your nose and eyes. Depending on the kind of paint that is on the structure, you will have to be very careful not to contaminate yourself and expose yourself to high levels of contaminants.

    Renting or purchasing the right kind of paint stripper will be the best investment that you can make. The new infrared paint stripping machines do an outstanding job taking off the paint in an environmentally friendly way. Infrared strippers are able to remove paint without releasing contaminants in the air, which reduces exposure for the person using the stripper. This machine will allow you to focus on one area for complete paint removal, instead of needing to work on a large area.

    The infrared paint stripper utilizes a device that is placed over the paint-covered area for 20-30 seconds. The device heats the area to somewhere between 400 and 580 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating the paint with the device will cause the paint to soften. As soon as the paint is softened, it can be scraped off with ease. Use a metal scraper, and simply dispose of the strips of paint after they’ve taken off. It’s very quick and efficient, and it alleviates the dust that comes about attempting to sand paint off. This is especially good with older lead based paints which were used on older homes before the 1970s. There’s a lot of older properties that still have layers of lead paint on them, as many people had no idea that lead paint was a problem, and they consequently painted right over it. Removing this paint can be a hazard if proper safety precautions are not taken. Regardless of the fact that you won’t have dust flying all around you, you must make sure that you wear a particulate mask when removing paint.

    Scraping paint off effortlessly and then discarding it in a trash can is faster and less trouble. There are some homeowners who will find that oil-based paint is quail egg peeling machine a bit harder to remove, but that too, can be remedied. Spraying on a layer of linseed oil and mineral spirits and and then letting it soak in for a day should help loosen up the paint so that the infrared process will work well. There will always be corners, edges, and small areas that will take some extra elbow grease to get the paint off. These types of situations can be attacked with steel wool.

    It’s very helpful to understand that infrared removers are actually a plus when it comes to the Machinery from china wood that is exposed after being stripped. The infrared light will bring any moisture out of the wood, which then makes the wood more porous and able to accept new paint more readily. Because of this, it’s important that the wood be repainted as soon as it has been stripped. The process is naturally not used well when it is raining outside the house. The stripping work should be done on a very dry day, and it’s extremely important to look at the weather forecast to be sure there’s no rain for a few days afterward.

    One of the benefits associated with infrared paint stripping is that it makes stripping easier so that it’s not as tedious and burdensome to whomever uses the system to get the job done.

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