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    Don’t shudder at the mention of dirty talk over the phone. What we mean by that is not the use of four letter words or any swearing over the phone, but just mere flirtatious talk with a bit of a sensual touch and an erotic fervor added to what you may otherwise normally talk. Talking like that makes it feel like as if you are in a rapturous embrace. Additionally, people find it very much easier to exchange expressions of love and intimacy over the phone than when face-to-face, obviously due to the absence of body language to give away your feelings and make you embarrassed when the other notices your blush as you whisper sensually endearing words in a face-to-face situation.

    If you are wondering as a woman how on earth to start this dirty talk with your man over the phone, here are a few tips:

    Making the First Move

    It should be understood that you cannot start this as a planned duet. This is something that has to flow gradually as if it was coming naturally. To make it happen, you may strike up a telephone conversation in the normal manner and gradually and discreetly lead the conversation into forbidden areas and towards the desired climax by starting with a few mild flirtatious expressions and getting onto more intimate sweet nothings to do with kissing, cuddling and the like www.omegaeta911.com as you pick up and start changing gears.

    Making it Easier For Your Partner

    If your partner is the shy and sensitive type, now he too should be starting to feel a little hot with a few goose pimples coming up and his blood pressure rising. So talk to bring home to him that personal and intimate feelings for each other should be expressed in no uncertain terms and discussed between two lovers frankly without any reservations or inhibitions.

    Being Open Minded

    To hear you speak a little sensually and seductively for the first time could omega watches have been something unexpected for him. However, with your gradual and methodical entry into this vital arena of talk, he also should be happy that you have taken the initiative to break the ice to clear the path to a new outlook on the same old relationship with uninhibited, erotic and sensual love to replace the more conservative type that prevailed earlier. Indulging in dirty talk over the phone should no longer be a challenge to either partner; but an ecstatic time to look forward to especially when you are out of physical contact over long periods of time.

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