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    Genuine Rolex watches are very special with fake watches their gold cases, bracelets and other gold elements. All they are made of solid gold, which comes in three exceptional colors: yellow, white and pink. All these alloys are made Breitling watches in the Rolex own foundry. The use of solid gold pieces made the genuine watches a bit heavier than all their replicas.

    Actually, four different types of gold elements could be observed on Rolex replicas: solid gold, triple-wrapped gold, genuine gold plating and fake gold plating. The cheapest Asian made replicas are “famous” with their fake gold plating. The Korean and Japan-made Rolex replicas use the same for gold plating, but the gold layer is a bit ticker – up to 10 microns. Swiss-made Rolex replicas use the so-called technique “triple-wrapped gold”: three layers of gold are consequently wrapped one after the other.

    The Grade 1 Swiss-made Rolex replicas are the only replicas that use solid gold. The 2-tone models are made of 18k solid gold, while the all-gold replica watches are made of triple-wrapped gold. The most frequent question, concerning the gold replicas is how fast the gold will wear off. Actually, the Swiss-made replicas will remain shining as the genuine Rolex watches. Honestly, you may worry about the triple-wrapped models – the gold will wear off with the time. But look at their prices: the Grade 1 replica made in Switzerland costs around $1,000, while the original Rolex Presidential, made of solid gold, costs $20,000…

    Actually, the triple-wrapped gold does not wear off so fast. You may enjoy your Swiss-made Rolex replica even 10 years! The gold in these high quality replicas will stay very long, by contrast with the fake gold plating in the Asian made replicas. It doesn’t have the reflective appearance of the cheap gold plating, which looks much more like shining brass than to like a real gold. Certainly, when solid gold is used in the Swiss-made Rolex replicas, it will never wear off!

    As some of the Swiss-made Rolex replicas have triple wrapped gold plating, it cannot be concluded that all Grade 1 replicas made in Switzerland have the same weight and appearance like the genuine watches. The case and other metal parts are made of stainless steel (440 high-quality steel), which is less heavy than the real gold. However, you need a balance in order to make the difference between the real Rolex and the replica watch. Be aware of some

    Of course, if you have replica made of 2-tone, solid gold, its weight and your feel will be the same like you wear genuine Rolex. The reason is that all gold parts are made of real 18k gold, the same like in the originals. But you have to know that the price of these all-gold models of Rolex replicas is quite high: it can even reach $3,000 per a Rolex Presidential…

    Therefore – be smart. If a dealer claims that a particular replica is Grade 1 Swiss-made and it is all-gold model, the price cannot be less than $1,000. If the offer of the dealer is for less money – think twice before the payment. Sampson

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